Urbex — Urban Exploration

Many Urbex locations are "considerables" for vandalism, looting or for the danger of the structure, sometimes they are inhabited or frequented by non friendly people, for these reasons we will not write the names and the coordinates.
Only for well known places will be indicated names and locations.
If you really want to share locations do it with trusted people, knowed or anyway you have proof that they have respect and passion for these places.

Whoever practices Urbex must be well aware of the risks, physicals and legals, to which he can meet and therefore assumes the personal full responsibility for it.

5 Rules

Always be careful inside and around this places | Never be alone, otherwise telling somebody where you're going |

Bring absolute respect | Take only photos and emotions | Leave only footprints.

The abandoned places enclose inside those instants which create a kind of enchantment, sometimes surreal and that occur when we discover again the objects and the places which we have lost in time, exploring them is like travel in their essence, photographing and telling about them is like enter in their history and tarnish its oblivion.

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