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Video Clips with drone in Urbex spaces

Urbex spaces offer great appeal for flying with the drone and test the technical skills of the pilot mostly if the flight happen in small indoor spaces like houses or villas.

We don't use the Cinewhoop drones with FPV (First Person View) that probably are most suitable for this kind of settings, at the moment we use drones with visual flight and sometimes we did some crash despite the systematic use of the propeller guards. The damages are often not very serious but depending on where the drone falls the question is: how to get it back...

  • foto The rich family villa

    The villa of the rich family

  • Photo Summer colony for children

    The villa of the rich family

  • Photo Summer Colony in Calambrone

    The Calambrone's colony

  • Photo Mary Poppins Villa

    The Villa of Mary Poppins

  • Photo Quarry

    The Quarry

  • Photo Sugar factory

    The Sugar factory