Birds and Urbex,
two different worlds having in common
mistery, peace, freedom, patience,
silence and sounds.
Both are spirit flying through time and space.

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Photographs of birds were taken from fixed huts, mobile sheds and camouflaged car Photo, we don't mind rambling photography and also if often ends without photos offers you some enchanting naturalistic shows.

For "difficult" periods we have a little birds-friendly corner on our terrace and with some species we have become good friends.Video

We are not keen on technical details which, however, must be known at a minimum, but a bright telephoto lens is almost indispensable like a binocular and a birwatcher's pocket guide and, without any "support points", a tripod with photographic gimbal head or a monopode can make the difference and also rest the arms.

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Our Urban Explorations are made with total respect for the visited places and of the Law 614 C.P. of the Italian Republic.

The places are not inhabited or used for any activities, no gates, fences, windows, doors are tampered or forced. Inside we don't touch, move, damage or remove objects, furnitures and other things, we photograph and film these places as we find them without creating any shooting sets. The only structure we touch is the floor, we have to walk and support the tripod.

It is told that for shooting Urbex everything is good... We believe that beyond the physical respect these places deserve the documentary respect and then, albeit aware that the equipment alone does not make photographers and does not create great images, we use reflex, mirrorless, action cam and lens of high quality often with tripod and photographic lights.Photo

For our urbex explorations we use two drones Video and backpacks weigh more and more, but the high angle view often allow further penetrate the essence of abandoned places and sometimes help to find them and assess the condition of the roof and the possible danger of the building.

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