Bird Photo Stories

In bird photography are often shown very beautiful pictures of the same species but untied from each other.
I think it is possible, with a lot of patience, try to do that these pictures become stories ready to be heard.

  • Red Heron
    Flying from shore to shore

    Photo of Red Heron flying

    August 2022

  • Cormorant
    History of a flight

    Photos of Cormorant

    August 2022

  • Common Pheasant
    Exhibition for his harem

    Photos of Common Pheasant

    May 2022

  • Black-winged Stilt
    Against all

    Photos of Black-winged Stilt

    April 2022

  • Western Great Egret
    History of a flight

    Photos of Western Great Egret

    July 2021

  • Common Wood-pigeon
    History of a flight

    Photos of Common Wood-pigeon

    September 2021

  • Eurasian coot
    History of a "weaning"

    Photos of Eurasian coot weaning

    August 2021

  • Black-winged Stilt
    Love stories

    Photos of Black-winged Stilt

    April-June 2021

  • Little Grebe
    History of dancing

    Photos of Little Grebe

    November 2020

  • Yellow-legged Gull
    History of a nest

    Photos of Yellow-legged Gull

    April-June 2020