Fotografie e storie di uccelli e urbex di Riccardo Troiani

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Photo of bird and urbex
Photo of bird and urbex
Photo of bird and urbex

Birds and Abandoned Places

Two different worlds having in common
mistery, peace, freedom, patience, silence and sounds.

Both are spirit flying through time and space.

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Birds   107 Species

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Photographs of the birds are taken from fixed lookouts, mobile sheds and camouflaged cars that often allow enough to approach the animals, driving a car with windshield and windows partially covered with camouflage cloths it's a practice that I absolute don't recommend for the high risks.

I don't mind the stray photography and also if often, at least for me, ends without photos the physical and mental well-being is guaranteed.

For "difficult" periods I have built a little birds-friendly corner on my terrace and with some species we have become good friends, it won't be the best but shooting birds sitting on a comfortable study chair sometimes is not bad.

Urbex   206 Explorations

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Our explorations are made in absolute respect of the visited places and of the Law articles 614, 633, 637, ex 624, ex 2043 and others of the Penal Code of the Italian Republic.

No gates, walls, hedges, doors, windows, padlocks or door locks are tampered, forced or broken.
Inside we don't touch, move, destroy or remove no object, furniture and anything else, we photograph and film this spaces as we find them without creating any shooting sets. The length of our stay is vey short, just the time to "listen" their stories and shooting them. The only structure we touch is the floor, we have to walk and support the tripod.

The images and the videos we realized have no purpose of profit but only historycal, emotional and narrative. We don't disclose their exact location unless they are known and famous.

 — We absolutely do not recommend the exploration of this places for the physical and legal dangers that may result from it, anyone who wanted to explore this places, must be well aware about the risks and assumes accordingly the full personal responsibility. — 

Illustration of urbex and bird with footprint

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